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March 19, 2013 / landscapeiskingston

Importance of collaboration and coordination between ports and inland navigation networks

Italy’s Trieste Port Authority (APT) is taking part in the ‘Upgrading of inland waterways and sea ports’ (INWAPO) European project in a bid to boost freight traffic.


The three year project, which has an overall budget of around €3.8m, explores how Central Europe’s inland waterway systems could be linked to the Port of Trieste to improve river transport trade currently underutilised along three waterway river systems, the Elbe, Vistula and Oder.  Source: Maritime Journal, 6th March ’13

Marina Monassi, president, APT, said: “Participation in the INWAPO project is important for the port in order to foster an exchange of operational experiences with the other project partners. Additionally, we look with interest to northern Italy’s inland waterways system, which has grown significantly in recent years and has great potential.”  She added: “It would be important to create greater collaboration and coordination between ports and the inland navigation network, with an eye towards achieving European recognition of the Italian inland waterways system.”

The INWAPO is implemented through the Central Europe 2007 to 2013 programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It includes an analysis of potential volume of traffic, the identification of existing infrastructure and a feasibility study to improve links with logistics centres.  Other ports involved include the ports of Venice, Koper, Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Sturovo, Komarno and Czech and Polish ports north of the Baltic Sea.


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