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March 19, 2013 / landscapeiskingston

Ferrara Cycling – Land and Water

Source:  Province and the Municipality of Ferrara


The  Italian city of Ferrara, capital of the province of Emilia Romagna, partner in the Interreg IVC ‘Waterways Forward’ project, is keen to develop cycling as a way of promoting the use of Europe’s waterways marketing cycling as a tourism tool, encouraging sustainable transport and delivering well being for its citizens.  It  is a cycling city par excellence. Four out of ten trips are made by bicycle, and the bicycle is used by all social groups, by people of all age groups, by men and women, boys and girls, for all purposes, all over the year. Citizens of Ferrara say, that little children get their first bicycle before they have learned to walk. With this high share of cycling, Ferrara is not only by far Italy’s cycling city number one. It is also among the best cycling cities in Europe.  

Ferrara has taken part in the Central Europe Programme funded Bicy project – involving 10 partners across Europe.


Destra Po Route


This is the map of the most famous cycle path in the province of Ferrara. It’s part of the Eurovelo project and it is the central part of Paneuropean route No.8 from Athens to Cadiz. Destra Po route runs along the right-hand bank of the River Po.

Bicycle Map City of Ferrara

This is the map with all the trails around Ferrara’s history, art and architecture, getting
to know the beauties of the Este& rsquo s capital, like its green walls, Este castle, medieval city and cathedral, and the Renaissance city centered on the Palazzo dei Diamanti.

Bicycle Map Province of Ferrara


This is the map with all the cycle routes within the province of Ferrara. It is criss-crossed by
an impressive network of interconnected cycle tourism routes, unwinding between town and countryside, nature reserves and castles, watercourses and lagoons, on safe roads or cycle-only paths.


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