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February 11, 2013 / landscapeiskingston

Waterways Forward Project Update

Waterways Forward held its Final Conference in Paris on 7-8 November 2012.  Delegates heard about the work carried out in the project to produce a set of policy recommendations that it’s hoped will be taken forward by EU policy makers. The recommendations cover a range of waterway management topics developed through a number of meetings, workshops, seminars, and stakeholder events to draw out the key issues.

To read these in full click on the link:

The Conference also reviewed progress and achievements of the project, including Regional Analyses of waterways in partner regions, the identification of good practices, and the development of Regional Action Plans, which provide the basis for real implementation of improvements at a partner level.

Presenters spoke of the potential of inland waterways to support economic growth, regeneration, the green economy, and river cruise activity.  Looking ahead, partners hope to achieve greater recognition amongst European, national and regional institutions of the multi-functional role of navigable inland waterways in promoting regional economic development to support delivery of the Europe 2020 strategy.  In addition the partnership hopes to secure support and funding for the development of inland waterways in a multi-functional use context under the new EU policies and programmes for the period 2014 – 2020. One way of achieving this is through continuation of the WF partnership after the end of 2012 to facilitate the sharing of good practices, the joint development of innovative new approaches, and the promotion of the multi-functionality of inland waterways.

WF Catalogue4

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