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January 28, 2013 / landscapeiskingston

European Commission Communication – LIFE’s “Blueprint for Water Resources”

The latest LIFE Focus publication highlights the relevance of LIFE Environment project actions in helping to implement EU water policy. “LIFE’s Blueprint for water resources” is a practical companion piece to the recent European Commission Communication, ‘The Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources’.  EU policy has made contributions to the protection of water resources across Europe. The newly-launched ‘Water Blueprint’ is designed to help overcome barriers to the implementation of existing EU water policy goals.  


As well as an introduction to the policy agenda and an overview of LIFE’s role with regard to Europe’s water resources, this LIFE Focus publication takes a look at projects targeting five key areas, each of which ties in with the recommendations of the ‘Water Blueprint’:

  • water quality and quantity
  • water-related green infrastructure
  • increasing water efficiency
  • water re-use
  • management tools for effective water use

With 100 projects in total, there are  practical examples of ways in which water-related policy can be implemented, not only to achieve the desired environmental goals, but also to provide added social and economic value across the EU.

The publication features, “Restoration on the Danube” in the ‘water-related green infrastructure section’.  More than 30 LIFE projects have restored the natural river and floodplain dynamics over hundreds of kilometres of the Danube.  The Danube River Basin covers 800 000 km2, or 10% of continental Europe.  Extending into 19 countries, it is considered the most international river basin in the World.

Source: International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR)



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