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January 15, 2013 / landscapeiskingston

Waterways Forward project short films review

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The following is a comprehensive list of interviews and short films made during the 3 years of the Waterways Forward project.  The first 3 were made to support the communication of the multi-functional benefits of waterways for Europe and how they support the 3 pillars of the EU2020 strategy….to support Smarts, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth targets for 2020.  The remaining films cover a number of themes….biodiversity, maintenance of ecological water standards, flood prevention/alleviation, sustainable transport and energy, tourism, heritage, stakeholder engagement and issues relating to the governance of Europe’s waterways.

Click on the links to view each film.

Waterways Forward: EU2020 Inclusive Growth

An animation made by Room60 in collaboration with Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University for the Waterways Forward project.

Europe’s inland waterways are drivers for inclusive growth.

Fostering high-employment, delivering economic, social and territorial cohesion…..improving skills, flexibility and security in the labour market, enhancing the quality of jobs and conditions for work creation…..reducing poverty by identifying best practices, promoting learning, coordinating national actions, establishing EU-wide rules and providing funds.”

 Waterways Forward: EU2020 Sustainable Growth

A film made by Victoria Rivera in collaboration with Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University for the Waterways Forward project.

Europe’s inland waterways are drivers for sustainable growth. 

Promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy….supporting a shift towards a resource efficient, low-carbon economy that offers opportunities for sustainable growth……..maintaining a strong, diversified and competitive industrial base that offers jobs in a low-carbon economy.”


Waterways Forward: EU2020 Smart Growth

An animation made by Mariana Santos in collaboration with Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University for the Waterways Forward project.

Europe’s inland waterways are drivers for smart growth.
Creating sustainable economic and social benefits by developing an economy based on knowledge, innovation, plus mobility for young Europeans to study, train, and work in business across the EU……turning ideas into jobs, green growth and social progress with support for innovative businesses.”

Waterways Forward — Environment & Climate Masterclass

Waterways Forward — EU Interreg IVC project
Environment & Climate Masterclass

The Waterways Forward Masterclass session in Dublin Sept 2011 was supported by Dr Ronald Waterman, international expert on water management from the Netherlands.

This session concluded that there is a need to:-
– Address differences in applying the European Water Framework Directive in each country,
– Share information on environment & climate change between waterway organisations across Europe
– Expand the work on climate change adaptation being carried out
– Consider new methodologies for the sustainable management of waterways
– Jointly share / develop approaches to dealing with alien invasive species
– Consider how EU-supported agro-environment schemes can be better targeted to deal with problems on inland waterways resulting from agricultural practice

 Senior Environment Officer at Waterways Ireland

Paula Treacy, Senior Environment Officer at Waterways Ireland, describes how Waterways Ireland conform to the Water Framework Directive and how Waterways Ireland’s participation in the EU Interreg IVC ‘Waterways Forward’ project has allowed exchange of biodiversity and ecological good practices across all the 17 European project partners

Andrew Stumpf, Canal and River Trust discusses the Olympic Park Waterways

Andrew Stumpf. Head of National Programmes at The Canal and River Trust talks to Landscape Interface Studio about the Olympic site and the contribution of canals and waterways to the Olympic Park’s landscape. The newly formed charity, Canal and River Trust, are one of 17 partners within the Waterways Forward Interreg IVC project.

David Edwards-May of Inland Waterways International

David Edwards-May of Inland Waterways International talks about his contribution to the EU Interreg IVC Waterways Forward project. Acting as consultant to the Serbian partner, PWMC Vode Vojvodine, David discusses the multi functional uses – including waterways tourism and transport – of Serbian waterways and how they can be developed to promote and support sustainable growth across Europe

Social cohesion, capacity building and all that stuff!!

Social cohesion,capacity building and all that stuff!!……Andrew Stumpf, Head of National Programmes at British Waterways talks with Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University describing British Waterways’ contribution to the Waterways Forward project and analyses how canals and waterways support European society and economy in general.

Andrew discusses how waterways can contribute to peoples’ lives, cultural history and society. This recording was one of a series which took place during a partners’ meeting in Budapest, Hungary in January 2012.

John McKeown, Waterways Ireland discusses Waterways Forward Project

Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University interviewed John McKeown, Regional Manager of Waterways Ireland (WI)- partner in the Interreg IVC funded ‘Waterways Forward’ project – about development of a national/regional action plan and knowledge exchange within the partnership. This is one of a series of interviews which took place at the recent partners’ meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

John describes how implementation of various European Directives – Water Framework Directive and Habitats Directive – are being interpreted and put into practice by Waterways Ireland and how conversations with other Waterways Forward partners is allowing WI to better understand and apply the EU legislation to their national waterways network.

Martijn Kramer, Association Regio Water – Waterways Forward project partner

Martijn Kramer for Association Regio Water – Waterways Forward Interreg IVC project partner describes the aspirations for the project, present contributions and expected outcomes. The interview was filmed during the WF Partners’ Meeting, Budapest Jan 2012 during a break-out interview session run by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University.

River Suir – “Lay of the Land”

The Lay of the Land’ was a series of community participation workshops developed and facilitated by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston Universityto reveal the potential of the River Suir during the Clonmel Junction Festival summer 2011. “The project is a great opportunity for the community to focus on the river — one of the key assets in the county — and to develop it as an economic cultural amenity for both the community and visitors alike.”

The Suir River Café was collaboration between South Tipperary County Council Heritage Office, Landscape Interface Studio (LIS) and local artist Lyn Mather. It was a novel interactive Café where members of the public could observe, discuss, engage and participate in a number of outreach workshops led by the LIS team. The Café was supported by South Tipperary County Council (STCC) the Heritage Council and Waterways Forward.

Waterways Forward workshop, Burgos, Spain 20-21 January 2011. 

Rivert Suir Seminar, 31st January 2012, Carrig Hotel, Carrick-on-Suir.

River Suir Action Plan in South Tipperary which was kicked-off by a seminar event – a follow up to requests from local people during the Suir River Cafe –part of the Clonmel Junction Festival and community workshops in Ardfinnan, Cahir, Clonmel and Carrick-on-Suir undertaken by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University and local artist Lynne Mather on behalf of South Tipperary County Council and the Heritage Council. The River Suir Seminar was an opportunity to share river information, to hear about all the projects that are underway and to encourage local people to become involved and develop an action plan for the River Suir

River Suir Action Plan


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