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December 10, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Norway’s Telemark Canal – Creation of a regional park

Nowhere else can the diversity of Norway be experienced better than on a journey through the famous Telemark Canal.   It links the archipelago south of Oslo, with the mountains in the hinterland and on its inauguration in 1882 it was hailed as the “eighth wonder of the world”.   From Dalen and Lårdal (72 meters above sea-level) you can take a trip with one of the old local canal-boats or go along in your own boat or canoe. Using 8 locks in 18 lock chambers you can go from the foot of the Hardanger mountain plateau and all the way to the open sea.


Telemark County Council – Waterways Forward partner – has been working to create a network from the fjord areas to the mountain areas with stakeholders who are linked in some way to the waterways from the coast to the mountains in Telemark county of Norway.  It has been achieved through intensive dialogue and through the creation of a regional park to involve stakeholders for a management structure.  The creation of the regional park was identified as an example of ‘good practice’ during the Waterways Forward project development. To read the full good practice click here.


Telemark is also the most important fruit growing area of ​​Norway. Apples ripen very well in the long days of summer . They feed the beavers that are in the waters.  The Beaver has its natural habitat in and alongside the Telemark Canal. There has been a lot of research on the beaver and its habitat in the area.  Local companies organise safaris to see both elk and beaver in  Tokke County located in the middle of Telemark.


MareTV accompanied the research team at the University of Bø in their nightly hunt for the animals. Once caught he young beaver cubs are released back into the landscape after a microchip is fitted for tracking. To view footage of the canal and the beaver research follow the link below.


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