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November 21, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Paris exhibition catalogue: Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University

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This catalogue illustrates the potential of inland waterways across Europe, and shares information and innovation revealed by the Waterways Forward partnership.  It was developed and edited by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University on behalf of the Waterways Forward partners to support the outputs of the project’s final exhibition.  In addition, LandscapeIS commissioned and developed 3 short films and animations plus policy recommendation leaflets, banners and a partners’ PowerPoint as a package of communication tools for the partners.

Europe’s network of inland waterways has great potential to enhance the quality of life of citizens throughout Europe.
Rivers, lakes and canals are multifunctional and connected. Inland waterways perform many functions that contribute to the quality of life of the inhabitants of Europe’s regions. These capacities are often unrealised.  Waterways Forward has investigated how an integrated approach to the management and development of waterways can advance the achievement of Europe 2020 goals.

To view all the project outputs click here


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