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November 10, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Waterways Forward Final Policy Recommendations

In these policy document WF partners set out recommendations for adjustments to EU and national, regional, local -level policy measures based on the experience and evidence gathered and discussed by the WF partners during the implementation of the project. The recommendations are drafted based upon the results of discussions during Waterways Forward Coordination Meetings and Master Classes organized in September 2011.   

Partners gained further experiences via the development of their Regional Action Plans (RAPs) and the Virtual debates held. The findings in the Regional Action Planning have also served as an input for these recommendations Furthermore there has been a strong bottom up support for these recommendations. 

The input from all relevant policy sectors and businesses gathered in Regional Stakeholder Platforms is included which can be seen as a good indication of the wide interest in, and importance of, the topic.
In making these recommendations it is the collective aim of partners’ to achieve much broader recognition of the scope to boost the socio economic potential of inland waterways to achieve sustainable regional development. Some modest changes at EU level could help to provide regions with a more consistent and supportive context for regional /local efforts, in turn enabling them to play their part in delivery of the ambitious goals set out in EU2020.

The recommendations are summarised here.   A fuller description of the measures proposed is available on the Waterways Forward website

The above banners have been prepared by Landscape Interface Studio as part of the final project exhibition.  All the project final exhibition material can be viewed on the  Waterways Forward website



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  1. citiesatlantic / Nov 19 2012 1:28 pm

    Awesome ideas. It is maybe worth taking them as a good practice for the Atlantic Strategy, what do you think?

    • waterways forward / Nov 19 2012 2:13 pm

      Excellent idea – see there are 2 Atlantic Forum workshops taking place soon in Cardiff and Cork. Thanks for the suggestion.

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