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October 23, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

EUROPE 2020 – Europe’s waterways support smart growth

Europe 2020 is the European Union’s ten-year growth strategy.  It is about creating the conditions for a different type of growth that is smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive to deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.  

Europe’s inland waterways are drivers for smart growth.

Smart Growth – means improving the EU’s performance in the digital society through the use of information and communication technologies.  Source:

Waterways Forward project partner Province of Ferrara have developed a range of smart technology to enhance their tourist offers:

  • ‘Panoramic Wheels Guide’ which you download which provides free GPS routing, a road book, Google Earth coordinates, and other information on cycle routes following the Po River.
  • QR codes on promotional materials designed for smart phones link to promotional web sites.
  • Blogs, forum and social networks such as Twitter deliver personalised direct marketing and provide feedback/suggestions for cyclists in the Ferrara region.
  • An innovative communication project applied to tourism was developed in collaboration with the University of Ferrara and private partners to create a free Web browser. This  ‘Augmented Reality’ augments real-world environment with computer-generated sound and graphics. Using this technology tourists can gain free access from their smartphones to a network of promotional offers.

For full details of all of the above view the Waterways Forward illustrated good practice guide.   Some of the above smart initiatives will feature in the Waterways Forward final exhibition animations – soon to be launched via the Waterways Forward website and blog.


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  1. maria rigter / Nov 19 2012 5:33 pm

    Interesting subject! Do we Europeans know the Inland waterway transport over ‘het IJ’? and the Amstel? both in Amsterdam, besides the canals….@BundAmsterdam

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