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October 3, 2012 / landscapeiskingston


The Waterways Forward project Final Conference and Partners’ meeting will take place on board the  “MS RENOIR”  in Paris on 7th and 8th November 2012.

The Final conference will bring together more than 80 professionals, experts, EU and national level politicians to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the socio economic development of inland European rivers, lakes, canals and adjacent areas.   The Final Conference will present new and innovative insights for exploring and exploiting the great potential of these waterways for economic development and employment in line with Europe 2020 strategic objectives.

The Waterways Forward project is funded by the INTERREG IVC Programme and is coming to the final stage of its implementation.   Over the past 3 years, the 17 partners in the project have analysed their particular strengths and weaknesses in the field of regional water management.  They have developed a detailed Toolbox of Good Practices.  During practical site visits they have shared and transferred their good management practices and discussed the specific conditions for implementing the practices in their regions.   During a series of Master Classes, they brought in experts on themes of Governance and Environment to catalyse the knowledge identified and to turn it into Joint Policy Recommendations. The final step in the implementation of Waterways Forward was to turn the experience gained so far into Action Plans for the partner regions.

The findings and results of Waterways Forward will be displayed in a final exhibition developed by Landscape Interface Studio, Kingston University.  This exhibition will focus on how Europe’s waterways can support smart, sustainable and inclusive growth – the 3 pillars of EU2020 strategy and seeks to represent waterways in a creative and engaging multi  media format.   The conference will set out what needs to be done to realize the benefits of the economic development opportunities of inland waterways, while respecting the environment and cultural heritage.

If you are interested in participating in the Final Conference in Paris please contact: Marvin Pougnet at



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