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September 14, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

EUROPE 2020 – Europe’s waterways support inclusive growth

Europe 2020 is the European Union’s ten-year growth strategy.  It is about creating the conditions for a different type of growth that is smarter, more sustainable and more inclusive to deliver high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion.

INCLUSIVE GROWTH – fostering a high-employment economy delivering economic, social and territorial cohesion.  Improving skills and jobs to ensure flexibility and security in the labour market, creating the right skills for employment, improving the quality of jobs and the conditions for work creation.  Poverty prevention will be encouraged by identifying best practices and promoting learning, coordinating national actions, establishing EU-wide rules and providing funds.  Europe’s inland waterways can support inclusive growth

  1. Skills & jobs.  British Marine Federation has reported that there are over 475 firms and 4,729 fulltime equivalent (FTE) jobs within the marine sector in the West and East Midlands, generating revenue of £407.8 million per annum.  Source: British Waterways: Unlocking the Potential and Securing the Future of Inland Waterways


  1. Combating social deprivation / promoting health & well-being.  Health, wellbeing & quality of life: Exercising in the open air for just five minutes leads to an immediate improvement in mood and self-esteem….. a significant increase in people’s self-esteem and mood, particularly when they exercised by water, nearest canal or river.  Source: Essex University, Environmental Science and Technology Journal.

  1. Supporting rural economies.  Waterways are increasingly being used as tools in tackling deprivation through both community and physical regeneration. Waterways transect many of the ‘most deprived’ districts and wards within England and Wales. For example, waterways owned and managed by British Waterways pass through 68% of the 50 most deprived districts in England.  Source: British Waterways: Unlocking the Potential and Securing the Future of Inland Waterways


  1. Stakeholder / citizen engagement.  Waterways Forward partners have engaged in a variety of stakeholder engagement schemes as part of the development of their regional action plans – click on the following links to read in full.

Waterways Forward partners have identified a series of  illustrated good practices relevant to this theme – to download the posters click on the links below:


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