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September 6, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Telemark welcomes Waterways Forward project partners.

Foto: Andreas Bjerløv Karlsen.
“Waterways Forward” project partners are guests of Telemark County Council this week and spent time touring the local waterways.  The delegation of 40 people from 16 European countries received   a guided evening tour of the new Maritime Museum and Science Center due to open in the fall of 2012.    Project partner Thrond Kjellevold and Bjorn Rudborg from Telemark Museum also guided the delegation around  Porsgrunn – an important harbor town in the Grenland area since the late 16th century – and visited Lunde to look at the locks then back to Ulefoss Ibsen.

The Waterways Forward project  will be completed in November with a final conference and exhibition to be held in Paris.  The project’s final report and policy recommendations will be submitted to the EU authorities.

We know that the only way to make and completed projects is to partner municipalities… there is no better way to encourage environmentally friendly thinking than to support the waterways. It just takes a little longer. The domestic water system has tremendous value and potential.

Source:  Erling Dahl, Telemark County Council.


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