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August 27, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Waterways deliver EU2020 – Sustainable Growth

The Waterways Forward project has identified a number of areas where inland waterways across the European region deliver sustainable growth and support EU2020 policy.  The 17 partners have selected a number of good practices which will piont the way towards delivering smart, sustainable, inclusive growth.

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1.       Low carbon economy – combating climate change eg flooding/water management

PROTECT Room for the River

2.       Sustainable transport – shifting freight from road to water, passenger boats, encouraging use of towpaths e.g. green transport – biking + walking routes

CO-OPERATE Freight Traffic

PRECEDENT Cross-Border Management

LISTEN Tools for Tour­istic Promotion

3.       Promoting biodiversity/nature – aliens species eradication, species protection, river improvements

PARTICIPATE BEE 4 Biodiversity

MAPPING Redevelopment of River Tourism on Sambre Corridor

AWARENESS For Salmonid Spawning

4.       Pollution/waste management – EU water framework directive implementation

VALUE Implementation of WFD for Canals

5.       Cultural heritage + landscape

STABILISE the Loess Wall

CONSERVE Management of Heritage Sites


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