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August 15, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

EU2020 Smart Growth: Tall Tales from the Riverbank

Europe 2020 has highlighted 3 priority areas for future growth….Smart Growth is one of these key target areas.  Smart growth – Encouraging the development of SMEs, particularly in sectors with potential for economic growth and that are drivers of innovation – bringing businesses together through water on a cross-sectoral basis. 

The Cultural & creative industries are estimated to directly generates 3% of EU GDP –  €500b market value – and employs 6m employees (3% labour force) across Europe.  It is recognised as an increasing source of potential growth in the EU.

Here is a fabulous example of  collaboration between Cultural & creative industries and Britain’s waterways.  Pleasance Theatre Trust brought a comic twist to the London 2012 Festival with a series of pop-up comedy gigs presented from a narrowboat along the British waterways!  A nationwide comedy relay, with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe as its destination.   Tall Tales from the Riverbanks was a one-off series of free live comedy gigs staged on the banks of Britain’s canals and rivers.


This comedy relay journeyed from London to Edinburgh via Oxford, Stone, Manchester and Glasgow, providing a showcase for Britain’s comedy talent as they explored the weird and wonderful quirks of the waterways.  The Pleasance Ahoy comedy boat worked its way through the canals and rivers of Britain.

The finale was a one-off event at the world’s largest arts festival The Edinburgh Fringe.  It’s all over – they made it from London to Edinburgh… but you can still catch the final video of our gig at ‘Cargo’ here!


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