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June 27, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Danube Strategy: EU Commissioner Hahn visits Danube Region

One year after the launch of the Danube Strategy, which brings together 8 Member States and 6 neighbouring countries, Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn is set to make a tour of the region from 27 June to 1 July.  The Danube Strategy combines regional, research, transport and environmental policies, as well as security, tourism and growth to make the region a better place to live and work. It is a tool for delivering the Europe 2020 Strategy, facilitating economic growth and the creation of jobs in the macro-region.  Click to read a full EU press release

Waterways Forward project partner, PWMC Vode Vojvodine, have identified the following good practice which  focuses on trans­port, energy and culture/tour­ism issues. The overall objec­tive is to improve connectivity within the Danube Region and with the rest of Europe, in terms of infrastructures, systems and people. This can be done by improved coordination in infra­structure works, improved op­eration of transport and energy systems, exchanges of experi­ence on clean energy, and pro­motion of Danube culture and tourism.

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PWMC Vode Vojvodine believes that rehabilitation of the Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal plays a main role in connecting the Danube Region. This water­way network, unique to Europe, connects the Danube and Tisa Rivers and provides multiple functions: navigation, flood pro­tection, irrigation, tourism, hunt­ing and fishing. The total hydro­logical network has a length of about 1000km of water courses between the rivers Danube and Tisa in the Autonomous Prov­ince of Vojvodina.

The project aims to improve connectivity within the region by expanding mobility and intermo­dality; encouraging more sus­tainable energy; and promoting culture and tourism, people to people contacts.   It aims to protect the environ­ment of the region by restoring and maintaining the quality of waters; managing environmen­tal risks; and preserving bio­diversity, landscapes and the quality of air and soils.   Finally, the project aims to strengthen the region by step­ping up institutional capacity and cooperation and working together to tackle security and organized crime.

Partnership is one of the key el­ements of the Danube Region Strategy. Although Strategy imple­mentation includes various orga­nizations and companies, partner­ship relations and joint work is an absolute must…. The triple Helix model of – University, Business and Government – exemplify our partnership ethos.”  Click to see full document

Source: Atila Salvai, PhD, General Manager of PWMC Vode Vojvodine


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