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May 15, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Provincia di Ferrara develops innovative promotional tools: Cycling focus in Italy

Cycling the focus in Italy

Waterways Forward partner Provincia di Ferrara has developed a number of  innovative promotional tools to develop the multi-functional use of cycling-related tourism in the area of  the Po River and canals.  The Ferrara Province was responsible for defining the strategy,  identifying funding and the creation of specific projects.  These have been outlined in a good practice document/poster.

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An important opportunity for dialogue among experts at the European level took place in Ferrara on September 24, 2011 – a special round table discussed issues of sustainability and intermodalit. This was part of the weekend dedicated to the “birthday” of the “Destra Po” cycle path and Ferrara hosted an important opportunity for dialogue among experts at the European level about experiences and actions to increase mobility and cycling.

The round table, “Cycling mobility, ciclotourism and intermodality: the value of an investment” included the following :

  • Karl Reiter and Heidi Schmitt, FGM-AMOR Austrian Mobility Research and cycling association ARGUS.  –  Mobiliy and sustainable development: awareness and experience in Graz
  • Ivan Moroder, Responsible for Mobility in Bozen Municipality – The infrastructure for a sustainable city mobility, experience in Bozen
  • Roberta Agosti, Director of Bozen Touris Board –  When and how cycling become cyclotourism, experience in Bozen
  • Antonio Dalla Venezia, President of Italian Bike Friends Federation. –  Mobility and cycling in Italy: facts and new horizons 
  • Laura Schiff, Cesare Sgarzi Emilia-Romagna Region – An example of intermodality: train and boat linked with cyclotourism
  • Cristina Vojic-Krajcar, Istria Tourism Board and Tourism Dept of Istria Region – Parenzana route a new cyclotourism destanition, services and promotion, experience in Istria
  • Adam Bodor, EuroVelo Project Manager and Cycling Tourism Policy Officer of European Cyclists’ Federation – Around Europe between tourism and cycling mobility

Moderator, Ettore Pettinaroli, cyclist and journalist of Panorama Economy

For further information please contact;        Luca Bianchi, Ufficio Comunicazione e Promozione, Provincia di Ferrara.


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  1. Claudio Repossi / May 17 2012 3:33 pm

    I like this kind of approach to discover the territories in a slow, relaxing and aware way… Combining bike+train+boat is great! and people can stay closer to canals world

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