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April 24, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Meeting for Navigli key-players at NavigaMi boatshow, Milan

A stretch of the Naviglio Grande in Milan will be unusually populated by sailboats and motorboats from May 4 – 6, 2012: NavigaMI is the third edition of the event which marks the return of the Milan waterway to the center of trade and commercial activities. During the three days the area of Ripa and Alzaia Naviglio Grande will be closed to traffic and will become a major city port.

Images from last year’s event:

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Navigli Lombardi, 1 of 2 Italian Waterways Forward partners, has organised a meeting of key-players of its Regional Stakeholders Platform during the NavigaMi boatshow.

It is important to share the progress of the Waterways Forward project and it is an opportunity to show the development of the Regional Action Plan that will be shortly be discussed during the next Waterways Forward meeting Den Haag, 31st May -1st June, 2012.  The issues on which Navigli Lombardi  is focusing its planning documents are defined in the Navigli Spatial Plan of Lombardy Region – inland navigation, enhancement of tourist and cultural key, territorial development.  It’s a team effort with the involvement of key local stakeholders.  For more details click here


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