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February 11, 2012 / landscapeiskingston

Community workshops reveal potential of River Suir

South Tipperary County Council Heritage Office invited LIS to develop and facilitate a series of workshops and community events as part of the Junction Festival in Clonmel held over 10 days in July 2011. The Suir River Café was collaboration between South Tipperary County Council Heritage Office, Landscape Interface Studio (LIS), and local artist Lyn Mather.

River Suir Café was a novel interactive cafe where members of the public could observe, discuss, engage and participate in a number of outreach workshops led by the LIS team. The project was designed to engage with the wider community to map, reveal and celebrate the River Suir and to develop a series of discussion documents to to guide the future enhancement of the river and give practical direction for future River Suir projects.

Cllr. Michael Fitzgerald, Chairman of South Tipperary County Council ,
“The project is a great opportunity for the community to focus on the river – one of the key assets in the county – and to develop it as an economic cultural amenity for both the community and visitors alike.”

The LIS team developed and created a series of documents which have  now been presented to STCC and the Heritage Council for discussion.

Click on image to read the ‘Lay of the Land’ series of documents.


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